i heart sf.

28 09 2009
Honestly, I don’t give a fuck that you’re from New York.
I despise when I’m at work and someone comes up to ask a question only to in some way, shape, or form mention to me that they’re from New York. … AND???
“So I need a recommendation for a great restaurant tonight… I’m from New York.”
SO? You act like the restaurants you have in New York are God’s gift to tummies everywhere.
“My boys and I really want to have a good time tonight. Hit a great club and meet some nice lookin’ ladies…Yeah, and we’re from New York.”
And that’s supposed to mean what? New York ain’t Vegas buddy.
“We want to walk around town today. Where should we go? Oh, and keep in mind, we’re from New York.”
And I’m from San Francisco where the blocks are three times longer, the subways are cleaner, the people are nicer, the weather is ten times better, and what we think about our city has SHIT to do with where YOU’re from.



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29 09 2009

word to your mother!

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